Castle Master

Originally published in 1990 on ZX Spectrum, by Domark and Incentive Software

"The 3D graphics are great."  CPC Game Reviews

"It's strong on puzzles and high in atmosphere."  Your Sinclair

Idea of the game:

Search the castle and kill twenty spirits before confronting the dragon.

All formats:

ZX Spectrum - 1990 - Domark and Incentive - Cassette £9.99 - Disc £14.99
C64 - Cassette £9.99 - Disc £14.99
Amstrad - Cassette £9.99 - Disc £14.99
Amiga - £19.99
Atari - £19.99
PC - £24.99


Concept and design; Ian Andrew
Programming; Chris Andrew, Paul Gregory and Sean Ellis
Graphics; Mike Salmon and Team 7

Music by Teque Software development


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