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TOTAL ECLIPSE 2: Sphinx Jinx

Originally published in 1988 on ZX Spectrum, by Incentive Software

Available exclusively through Book Club Associates in double pack with Total Eclipse


"The shapes are amazingly versatile and rotate in 3D without flaw."  Your Sinclair

"The 3D graphics are superb and the music is great."  A game player

Idea of the game:

Twelve parts of the Sphinx have gone missing somewhere in the catacombs, and you have only one hour to find them.

All formats:

ZX Spectrum - 1988 - Incentive - Cassette £11.20

C64 - Cassette £11.20

Amstrad - Cassette £11.20


Concept and game design; Ian Andrew
Programming; Chris Andrew, Sean Ellis, and Paul Gregory.

TotalEclipse2-TheSphinxJinx (1).gif


  • After Total Eclipse was produced, it only took 8 weeks to build this follow up as all the coding was there, it just needed another environment slotting in!

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