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Tumbly Rocks

Out now. Created by Tumbly Games.

Free to play, action puzzle game. For Android and iOS


Idea of the game:

Clear the rocks before they reach the spinner at the bottom of the screen. An original downward-scrolling, 3 sided clearance game with multiple stages and surprise features. Collect Artifacts and maybe even find the route to Mount Fury


Concept and game design; Ian Andrew
Programming, design and implementation; Paul Gregory

Graphics; Nik Love-Gittins and Jason Pickthall

Playtesting and Additional contributions; Piotr Motyka, Chris Andrew, Bryan Salt, Daniel Andrew, Emily Roberts, Chris Roberts, Helen Owen, James Starr, Richard Sedgewick, Andy Tait, Chris Sedgewick, Jason Oakes, David Wilkie, Gary Dunstan, Danny English, Chloe Michaels, Angus Hanton, Leah Bickers Gregory, Will Luton Department of Play, Mark Sorrell, Mike, Erlend Milne, and Nick Murray. Thank you for all your contributions.

Odd Facts:

  • The game mechanic concept was originally devised in 1998, 23 years before publication. Originally codenamed ROX, as in Rocks!

  • Tumbly Rocks saved my life

  • A real cube rock was commissioned in order to record the tumbling sound effects when landing on different surfaces.

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