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Originally published in 1987 on ZX Spectrum, by Incentive Software

Space station oblivion.jpg

"... it's a great puzzle game..."  CPC Game Reviews

"Driller is one of the best games Crash has seen."  Crash

Idea of the game:

The game requires the player to manoeuvre the excavation probe, through a first-person view, through eighteen regions (in the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron) of the moon Mitral, and place a drilling rig in each of them to allow a minimum of 50% of the gas to escape.

All formats:

ZX Spectrum - 1987 - Incentive - Cassette £14.95 - Disc £17.95

C64 - Cassette £14.95 - Disc £17.95
Amstrad - Cassette £14.95 - Disc £17.95
Amiga  - £24.95
Atari - £24.95


Concept, game design, world design; Ian Andrew
Program design; Chris Andrew
Programming; Chris Andrew (Spectrum and Amstrad CPC) and Stephen Northcott (Commodore 64)
Computer Art; Paul Gregory, Ian Denny and Robin Chapman

Driller Amstrad CPC.jpg
Driller Commodore 64.jpg


  • First game to feature the real time solid 3D engine "Freescape". 

  • Freescape was so called as games using it gave the user FREEdom to move around a landSCAPE.

  • The trend of adding "Scape" to words began with Freescape.

  • Frame update was about once per second on 8 bit machines.

  • The game came with a cardboard model, that you could make into the 3D world you played in.

  • The game was launched in the USA as Space Station Oblivion.

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