Originally published in 1983 on ZX Spectrum, by Incentive Software

"... one of the most addictive games I have ever played..."  Computer & Video Games

"... it keeps you on your toes..."  Crash

Idea of the game:

Guide Zippy around the massive exploration area to reach the gate on level 7.

Eat grass and fruit while avoiding the hazards.

All formats:

ZX Spectrum - 1983 - Incentive - £5.50

C64 - £6.50

Amstrad - £8.95


Game concept, design and level design; Ian Andrew
Programming: Ian Andrew and Ian Morgan (Spectrum), Steve Zodiac (Commodore 64), Paul Shirley (Amstrad CPC)


  • 4th place in the C&VG 1983 Golden Joystick Awards - Best Original Game.

  • Splat! offered a £500 prize for the highest score. It was the first game to offer a prize.

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