Originally published in 1988 on ZX Spectrum, by Incentive Software

Published 8 bit by Incentive and 16 bit by Microstatus

Dark side USA.jpg

"If you like your games hard, Dark Side is the only choice for you"  Your Sinclair

"For the player, the world of Tricuspid really exists!"  Crash

Idea of the game:

Destroy a power network in the form of ECD (Energy Collection Device) columns, dotted around the moon and connected with power lines all the way to the beam weapon. Destroy them all before the beam weapon destroys Evath.

All formats:

ZX Spectrum - 1988 - Incentive - Cassette £9.95 - Disc £14.95

C64 - Cassette £9.95 - Disc £12.95
Amstrad - Cassette £9.95 - Disc £14.95
Amiga - £24.95
Atari - £24.95
Amiga and Atari $39.95 each in USA


Concept and game design; Ian Andrew
Additional Game design; Helen Andrew
Programming; Chris Andrew, Stephen Northcott and Paul Gregory



  • Credited with being an early example of a first-person shooter game.

  • Released in USA by Cinemaware under the Spotlight Brand.