Originally published in 1988 on ZX Spectrum, by Incentive Software

Published 8 bit by Incentive and 16 bit by Microstatus

"Total Eclipse is set to blow the socks off the games-playing fraternity."  Crash

"... the graphics are, as ever, immaculate."  Your Sinclair

Idea of the game:

To reach the top of a pyramid and destroy the statue there before the eclipse.

All formats:

ZX Spectrum - 1988 - Incentive - Cassette £9.95 - Disc £14.95

C64 - Cassette £9.95 - Disc £12.95
Amstrad - Cassette £9.95 - Disc £14.95                          
Amiga - £24.95
Atari - £24.95


Concept and game design; Ian Andrew
Programming; Chris Andrew, Sean Ellis, and Paul Gregory


  • The Freescape engine was improved for this release, adding spheres to the collection of shapes used in the 3D environments.

  • Zzap! (Commodore 64) awarded a score of 84%, praising the game's moody music and claustrophobic feel.

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